What we do?

We offer easy and affordable solutions for Social Media, eReceipts and proximity based advertisement. We also provide digital cards for your business, for example loyalty cards, coupons, stored value cards, membership cards and tickets. Pick one of our ready made solution or contact us for a custom solution!

eReceipt Service​​

Quick and easy eReceipt service which works on Windows based Point Of Sales.

Location Based Advertisement

Location and proximity based service to deliver messages when a customer is near or at your location.

Digital Cards

Create a perfect digital card for your business. Card can be loyalty card, coupon, stored value card, membership card, ticket etc.

Social Media Services

Is your social media profile silent? We can provide rich content for your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google My Busineess accounts.

Swipq App​

Stop wasting paper!

Stop wasting paper and start using eReceipts!

Scan QR code before payment and view your receipt from your phone in seconds. Scan your QR code quickly by tapping the notification when you are near the payment terminal. You can view and download 30 latest receipts for free.

Swipq app also makes sure that you never miss an opportunity to receive a special offer while walking in or near your favourite store or restaurant. Choose categories which you are interested in and notifications are delivered when you are near the offer or event.

Discover interesting places and stores with map view. App also automatically shows indoor map if there is one available in your area.

Digital Cards

Wallet Passes That Customers Love!

Create magical customer experience

No one likes digging wallet for a coupon or frantically searching for loyalty cards while the line grows behind them. Making those moments easy not only earns your customers undying gratitude, it also creates a delightful shopping experience.

We create the perfect digital card for your business. Card can be loyalty card, coupon, stored value card, membership card, ticket etc. and this card is stored in your customers mobile wallet.

Our passes are officially designed to work on Apple Wallet, this preinstalled on every iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPod touch which makes it ideal platform to use since apple customers do not need to install any applications. Android users are not forgotten and they can join the fun by downloading Wallet Passes from Google Play.

Test how easy it is

Download our demo coupon by clicking image below

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