eReceipts for Point of Sales – With remote installation support

119,00  inc. VAT 24% / year and a 89,00  sign-up fee

All you need to create successful eReceipt ecosystem


All you need to create successful eReceipt ecosystem! All products are preconfigured and ready to use. Just plug in the barcode scanner, place beacons and follow the installation instructions.

Package includes:

  • eReceipt program license
  • Swipq barcode reader
  • Beacon (used for application and card proximity activation)
  • Remote installation support (with TeamViewer)

Additional information:

You need one License per Point of Sales computer. Note that this software works only on Microsoft Windows and supports only receipt paper printers which can be selected from printer menu (no A4 support at the moment).

SmartBeacon is used to advertise eReceipt app or card to activate on your customers phone.