Updatable Coupon

36,90  inc. VAT 24% / month and a 249,90  sign-up fee

Simple coupon with location based notifications to boost redemption rates.


Give customers an updateable coupon. Send location based notifications right to the pass to boost redemption rates and keep your customers engaged when they arrive near your store.

Once you have purchased this service, you can update the same coupon to a new one. This way customers that have (or have’t) redeemed their existing coupon, can have a new one without having to do anything. This is why our coupons are based on monthly fees, since your customers passes are stored in our database and are ready to be updated.

Once you have purchased this product, we will give you a call  so we can arrange all the details regarding your digital card.

Whats included:

  • Up to 2000 digital cards with your brand and colors
    • You may select card language in Finnish or English
    • Organisation contact information
    • Basic terms and conditions text
  • Landing page
    • Basic template like Coupon Demo but with your brand and images
    • Customisation available
    • Translations in Finnish and English
  • Printable table flyers
    • Branded flyer
    • PDF format (ready for press)
  • Instructions how you can send messages to your customers
  • Instructions how to use your pass scanner

Not quite what you needed? Contact us for a custom solution!

Please note!

Our passes are officially designed to work on Apple Wallet so please be aware that to use these services you must have Apple Developers account first. Please follow these instructions to create your Apple Developer account.

Account is used to create Pass Type ID Certificate for your digital card. Without this certificate you cannot install or use digital cards on mobile phones. Certificate is also used for security reasons. We will do these technical details for you, but we cannot create the Developers Account for you because this violates Apples Terms and Conditions.