Revolutionising eReceipts

Quitti is quick and easy eReceipt service for everyone! Every electronic receipt created not only saves environment but also saves money.

Install Quitti software to your point of sale, select SWIPQ Printer from the list and connect a barcode scanner and you are done! Our system is compatible with all Microsoft Windows based point of sales. Installation process takes less than 5 minutes!

What revolution ?

Why is this so special ?

Integration solved

The problem has always been with different POS (Point Of Sales) providers. All other eReceipt systems relies on making interface between the POS and eReceipt system. Our solution does not require any custom coding to start providing eReceipts for your customers. Our system is compatible with all Microsoft Windows based point of sales.

Customer identification

There needs to be a means to identify the customer so that the eReceipt can be sent to the right person. Our customer identification system is flexible. Customer can use our eReceipt cards or your loyalty, membership or stamp card as identification. There is no complicated registration processes, all we need is email address.

Receipts in one place

Handing out email receipts means that instead of losing your receipts physically, now are lost in your email. All your customers receipts are now in one place.

How it works

Customer scans a digital card from his or her mobile phone before purchase (may also be printed barcode). Next receipt that is printed is uploaded to customers SWIPQ account. If customer does not scan any cards, paper receipt is printed automatically instead.

Digital card can be your loyalty card, membership card or stamp card etc. Customer can also our eReceipt card.

You can buy the optimal scanning device for this purpose from us.

Receipts are saved in customers SWIPQ account. Customer can log in and view or download his or her receipts. With free account customer can view and download 30 most recent receipts. Receipts are available as image and PDF.

eReceipts also in your digital cards

Your customers can also receive eReceipts using your loyalty, membership, stamp card etc. If you do not yet own a digital card, we can do it for you! Check out our services by downloading our brochure and example cards or visit

Example video

In this example, digital stamp card is used with our eReceipt system. iBeacon is used to bring the digital card on customers lock screen. After scanning, the system automatically opens browser where you can add stamps or points to customers card. If customer provided his or her email when registering the digital card, next receipt that is printed, is uploaded to customers SWIPQ account.

Receipts in numbers


Amount of receipts created in Finland every month. If receipt is approximately 15cm long, this equals about 100 tons of paper every month! Think how much paper ends up in the trash bin!


The amount of receipt paper printed by one large Finnish chain store in one year. That means wrapping the paper around the earth, twice!

Save the forests, one receipt at a time

Let’s stop wasting paper! Tell your friends that solution is here!


eReceipt service is now in pilot phase!

Join the frontline and start offering eReceipts to your customers! Contact us now!

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