Let us help to bring your business to digital age

We have three main products to offer for your business.

With eReceipts you can save paper and with location based advertising, you can connect to new customers when they are near or at your location. With digital cards you can get rid of paper or plastic loyalty cards, stamp cards, coupons etc. With digital cards you have new ways to engage your customers.

Free (For limited time only)

Map Visibility

Advertise your store in our Swipq App map view and gain extra visibility for your company. Customers can quickly navigate to your store using Google Maps. Customer can also see information about your store and services.

8€/Month (Vat 0%) per Point of Sales


Save to forests one receipt at a time and start using eReceipts. Service is available for Microsoft Windows based point of sales and costs 8 euros a month per point of sales. Subscription is charged yearly.

Service includes:

Software is easy to download and install, but we can do it for you for 89,00€ *.

* Installation is implemented remotely using TeamViewer. On premise installation service fee can be arranged separately.

8€/Month (Vat 0%) per Beacon

Location Based Advertisement

We also offer location based advertisement service. You can create offers and deliver it to your customers phone when in or near your shop *. Service costs only 8 euros per beacon.

Service includes:

  • Account to Swipq CMS (web page where you can create your campaigns)
  • Beacon

You can utilise multiple beacons, since every beacon can broadcast different message or offer. You can also do co-operation with other companies by delivering your beacon to their premises.

With this service you can also create interactive advertisement screens which can show personalised messages and offers when customer is near the screen.

* Notifications are shown on customers lock screen only if Swipq App is installed and location services are allowed.

Starting from 99€ (Vat 0%)

Digital Cards

In addition you can also utilise our customisable digital loyalty cards to engage your customers. There are multiple variations for digital cards and service starts from 14,90€ a.month + 149€ setup fee.

You can send info or offer messages to your customers phone which can be seen on the lock screen.

Digital cards also react to beacon signals, this means that card can be quickly accessed from phone lock screen when customer is at or near your location.

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