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We create the perfect digital card for your business. Card can be loyalty card, coupon, stored value card, membership card, ticket etc. and this card is stored in your customers mobile wallet.

We know that you have enough on your plate, this is why we offer pass design service and starter packages which go a step further. Just give us the required information, and we’ll do the rest. Browse our shop page and order the pass that fits your purpose.

Can’t find what you need? Contact us for a custom solution.

Mobile Wallet

What is mobile wallet

A mobile wallet is the digital equivalent of a physical wallet. It is application in your phone. A place to store, organise and access a digital version of credit cards, loyalty cards, coupons, stored value cards, membership cards, tickets, and more. Unlike physical wallet content, a digital card can be updated at any time. This makes it possible to update for example points balance to the pass.

Why use our passes

Our passes are officially designed to work on Apple Wallet, this preinstalled on every iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPod touch which makes it ideal platform to use since apple customers do not need to install any applications. Android users are not forgotten and they can join the fun by downloading Wallet Passes from Google Play. Windows Phone users are recommended to buy Wallet Pass app which is available on Microsoft Store.

Wallet Passes That Customers Love

Stamp Cards

It is time to move aside your worn out rubber stamp and upgrade your business to digital age. Pass distribution is easy as clicking a link and adding stamps can be done with a quick scan. You can use your mobile device for scanning, no need for expensive investments. Keep in touch with your customers by sending special offers and notifications with push messages. Try our Restaurant Demo and download a sample pass.

Loyalty Cards

Take your loyalty program mobile. Use mobile wallet to get customers signed up for your loyalty program in seconds and send real-time points status updates, special offers and notifications with ease. Create custom point reward schemes and reward your customers for their loyalty, for example after 5 points you get a free coffee but with 10 points you receive coffee and a donut. Download example pass.

Membership Cards

Renewing your membership cards is no longer a pain. Share announcements and keep members list always up to date. Use our payment integration to collect membership fees, members receive their card instantly after payment. Keep in touch with your members by sending your latest news and events with push messages and keep your discount and perks list always up to date by updating your digital card. Check out this demo, Password is 1234.


Give customers an updateable, personalised coupon. Send location based notifications right to the pass to boost redemption rates and keep your customers engaged when they arrive near your store. Try our coupon example.


Make event entry fast and seamless with mobile wallet tickets. Passes work offline, so your customers don’t have to worry about having internet connection. Update event information, offer upgrades or create a countdown timer on the pass to build anticipation. Also you can use our payment integration to sell your tickets with ease.

Traditional Cards

Our services also support traditional cards. Customer can download the same pass to his phone later time.

Discover Examples

Discover how you can utilise this powerful platform.



Pass can be distributed in many ways, for example: Scan a QR code or NFC tag, tap a link on a website, social media, online ad, by email or SMS.

Payment integration

Use your passes as mobile payment system. You can do that with our payment integrations. You are able to sell event tickets, let users buy your membership cards or buy boarding passes. We have built in support for popular payment providers like PayPal, Stripe or PAYMILL.


We have built a validation service right into our Digital Wallet service. Together with free Pass Verifier app you can scan, validate and redeem passes or change field of the passes. You don’t have to buy expensive scanning hardware. Additionally you can also use our online scanner. All you need is a barcode reader and a web browser. Want to integrate scanner to your POS (Point Of Sales)? It is possible by using our extensive REST API interface. Contact us for more details.


You can use digital signatures to protect your passes. This allows you to see if the pass was issued by you.

Location based marketing

Your pass is shown in the lockscreen as soon as your customer reaches a given location. The pass can be opened directly from the lockscreen without having to look for an app. You can add a custom message for the notification and even change it if needed. Location service uses GPS and iBeacon technology which means that if your customer has either GPS or Bluetooth turned on, he can receive location based messages.

Push messages

Send targeted messages straight to your customers smartphone & lock screen. Send a message to all of your customers or a specific customer.

Multiple languages

It is possible to translate the pass in multiple languages and pass will be shown in the end users chosen language. Images and logos can also be customised based on language.


If you bought one of our accounts, you can keep track of all loyalty related activities of your customers. You see how, when and how many points a customer earned, how he did spend them and when you redeemed offers.

Electronic receipts

Provide eReceipts with your loyalty or stamp card

Your own way

If you want more control, you can buy one of our accounts and design the desired pass yourself. Select card type that’s right for you and customise it with your own text, images, and colors. Feel free to try, our pass designer wizard, it is free.

Please keep in mind that you need a pass type ID from Apple to use your passes commercially. This is required by Apple! This service is included in our standard products, but you can also buy this as a service from our shop.

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