Attract new customers and improve in-store experience

Proximity Marketing

Advertise your products, services or events in or near your store using our SWIPQ App.


Show your location in our map view. We also support indoor maps which helps your customer to navigate in your store.

Digital Signage

Engage customers with personalised campaigns on any TV display. Deliver messages when customer is next to the display.

Proximity Marketing

Every SWIPQ App user is your potential customer

Send targeted messages straight to your customers smartphone lock screen and tell them your latest news and discounts. Use location and proximity based technology to deliver timely lock screen messages when it matters the most. Location based messages automatically appear on your customers lock screen when they are near or at your location.

Proximity marketing

How it Works

Phone scans for beacons or GPS location. Note that SWIPQ App does not have to be open! When offer is found, phone delivers notification to the customer. Customer can view detailed information about the offer. 

Proximity Marketing



Notifications can be delivered with iBeacon and Eddystone beacon technology. Check out our store for beacons.


Offer can also be delivered based on customers location which uses GPS technology.

Gender, age

Send offers only to your target group. Group can be gender or age specific.


Deliver offers based on time or date. Don't advertise lunch if it's not lunch time.


Map View

Advertise your store in our map view. Customer can navigate to your store using Google Maps. Customer can also see information about your store.

Use your indoor maps in our App. Customer can navigate in your store and find where special offers are situated. App supports multiple floors and map loads atuomatically when customer is in your store area.

Digital Signage​

Digital Signage​

Turn any screen to billboard

Any screen that has Internet connection and browser can be used with our system. Doesn't require expensive hardware players.

Personalised messages

Engage customers with personalised and contextual campaigns on any TV display.

Presentation mode

Show offers, pictures and videos. You can show multiple content, like a slideshow.

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