eReceipt Cards

You can also use Apple Wallet or WalletPasses cards to receive eReceipts. This way you can also tag your receipts. With wallet card you can for example go offline, organise your receipts, create cards for your family members and manage company receipts.

Fill the form below to receive your eReceipt card. If you do not receive email, please check your junk mail folder.

Works offline

Apple Wallet and WalletPasses cards do not require internet connection once loaded to your phone.

Manage receipts

Tag receipts to quickly sort them. Can be used for personal, family or business purposes.

Already have an account? Log in to view your receipts.


Where can I get eReceipts ?

Our icon is present at the counter where you can receive eReceipts.

What happens after 30 receipts ?

With free account you can view 30 of your most recent receipts. All your receipts are saved, but only 30 is viewable.

I need to see more than 30 receipts ?

You can upgrade your account so you can view all of your receipts.

What is card tag used for ?

If you want to separate for example your personal and business receipts, you can create multiple cards with different tags. You can sort the receipts by tag name in your account.

Can i create multiple eReceipt cards ?

Yes you can! Just create another using the form at the top of this page.

I'm a business owner, how can i get this service ?

Please visit Quitti page for more information.

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