What is mobile wallet

If you want to learn more about mobile wallet, you’re in the right place. Here in Swipq we use and suggest only the apps and systems we trust, thats why we made this little page to give you some informaton about mobile wallet services and digital cards.

Our passes are officially designed to work on Apple Wallet, this preinstalled on every iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPod touch which makes it ideal to use since you don’t need to install any applications. Android users are not forgotten and they can join the fun by downloading Wallet Passes from Google Play. It requires only minimal set of permissions and gives you full control over the data shared with pass issuers. No Ads. Windows Phone users are recommended to buy Wallet Pass app which is available on Microsoft Store.

What is it?

A mobile wallet is the digital equivalent of a physical wallet. A place to store, organise and access a digital version of credit cards, loyalty cards, coupons, stored value cards, membership cards, tickets, and more. Unlike physical wallet content, a digital card can be updated at any time. This makes it possible to update for example points balance to the pass.

Is it easy to use?

Digital cards are extremely easy to use, thats why we want to bring you these services. Adding a digital card is easy as clicking a link.

Digital cards do not take space from your wallet and are always with you.

You can get messages trough your pass, so you are always informed from the latest news and discounts.

If you do not want to give permissions to notifications or location, you can do that by turning those features off from the pass options.

Is it safe?

Using the digital cards is safe. All companies using Swipq services must use Apple certified passes, this means that all companies that use our services must go through Apples approval process.

Personal information you provide for the digital card is handled by the company which owns the digital card, so please pay attention on their privacy policy so you know how they use your information.

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